Speaker Interview

Christophe Pettus

Hi! Could you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m Christophe Pettus. I’ve been working with PostgreSQL for a bit over 20 years now.

How do you engage with the PostgreSQL community?

I’m the CEO of PostgreSQL Experts, Inc., a boutique PostgreSQL consultancy based in San Francisco.

Have you enjoyed previous pgDay Paris or other PostgreSQL Europe conferences, either as attendee or as speaker?

I’ve attended the last two pgDay Paris, spoke at the first one, and frequently speak at other European PostgreSQL conferences.

What will your talk be about, exactly? Why this topic?

We frequently get brought in to situations where everything was working fine with PostgreSQL until some critical threshold got crossed, and the database system started falling apart in performance. I wanted to share some of those insights with you.

What is the audience for your talk?

DBAs and devops people responsible for PostgreSQL.

What existing knowledge should the attendee have in order to follow your talk?

Basic DBA/devops experience and knowledge about PostgreSQL is very valuable for context.

Which missing feature would you most like to see in PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is missing in-core features to assist operations: Failover, clustering, and so forth. One of the primary drivers of hosted solutions is that those are either missing or complex in the community edition.

Thank you!