Sponsors are listed on this website, and are announced during the opening and closing statements, in the order in which their application was received.

Click on the logos to visit their website.


  • Loxodata

    Votre partenaire PostgreSQL en langue française depuis 2010. Conseil - Formations personnalisées - Support 24/7

  • 2ndQuadrant

    2ndQuadrant is the Gold Standard for PostgreSQL Products & Services and consistently contributes enterprise features to enhance PostgreSQL

  • Dalibo

    Dalibo has been providing both French and English support, training and consulting services for over 12 years

  • leboncoin

    leboncoin is the french leader in classifieds, with 28.1 million unique visitors, and more than 29 million classified ads online.

  • Société Générale

    Société Générale fortement engagée en matière d’open source au cœur de sa stratégie digitale et innovation


  • Citus Data
  • Command Prompt
  • GITC Pro
  • EDB Postgres
  • PostgreSQL Experts, Inc.
  • Crunchy Data
  • People Doc
  • Logilab

Becoming a Sponsor

pgDay Paris offers a great chance to reach PostgreSQL professionals and community members in the Paris area. We have two levels of sponsorship opportunities available: Partner and Supporter.

If you are interested in sponsoring the conference, you can sign up directly on the postgresql.eu site. You’ll be able to get the process started for all sponsorship levels there, and for Supporter sponsorship you will be able to complete the whole process within minutes.

Contact us at sponsors@pgday.paris for more information. We look forward to working with you!